"Best soil amendment EVER!  My plants are THRIVING!  No smell, and very easy to use.  I love it!"
~ Tess1958, Satisfied Dr. Verm's Customer

Our castings are carefully crafted by a dedicated team of passionate worm farmers.

We take abundant care regarding:

Our Worms' Organic Diet -  Our worms are fed a tightly controlled vegan diet that is 100% organic, non-GMO and manure free.  This ensures that the castings produced never contain any harmful pathogens, chemicals or compounds while still being exceptionally high in humus content, trace minerals, nutrients and microflora.

Their Climate-controlled Habitat - Our worms live and work like royalty all year long in our climate-controlled production facility.  They never have to worry about predators or the weather interrupting their favorite activities.  They can comfortably do what they do best which is produce an all natural, nutrient-dense, organic fertilizer that builds your soil naturally and makes your plants THRIVE!

Our Fine-Tuned Harvesting Process - We take pride in producing consistently high quality, pure organic worm castings.  Our multi-stage harvesting process coupled with our controlled facility ensures that the end product is virtually 100% pure castings. We DO NOT mix sand, rocks, dirt or filler into our bags (like some other guys). 

Organic Hobby Farmers Agree - Dr. Verm's Can't Be Beat!

"We are 100 percent organic and we use castings all over our little farm.  Dr. Verm's castings are first rate.  We trialed them this year and there is simply no comparison!"

Jim & Mary Competti, Old World Garden Farms

We Sell 100% PURE Earthworm Castings.  Therefore,

You Receive a High Quality, Organic Soil Builder + Fertilizer That Will Immediately Improve Plant Performance!
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"Probably the best worm castings I've used to date. 
My tomato and pepper plants absolutely love and thrive with these worm castings!"
~ Marcus Hawthorne, Satisfied Dr. Verm's Customer
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